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New Writers Don't Despair

So you finished your manuscript.  It's edited, error free (LOL), and ready to greet the world and be received with open arms.

Now what do you do?  There are so many places on the web to get information and help.  I've listed some articles and sites here, but I want to highlight one today that helped me finally get a query that doesn't cause my stomach to churn:  Backspace.  It's listed over on the left under writer's resources.

I'd used Backspace regularly to search for agents, but recently decided to drop the $30 and join their forums.  Many of the members are published authors, and they are incredible helpful.  I submitted the two versions of my query, and within a day got great help.  In fact, one person went so far as to edit the "good" one to make it better.   I also discovered that sending out 20 or 30 queries is kid-stuff.  Be ready to sent out 70, 80 or more.  While that's a little overwhelming, it's also reassuring.  Great site.

Highlighting Backspace in no way is a move to diminish the other great resources--but it sure was worth the investment for me.

(Although we'll see when I post my synopsis...the most evil invention the publishing world ever imposed on writers, LOL.)

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