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October 28, 2005


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First if you are going to speak about Jesus, you should know the bible and what Jesus came for. He said He didn't come to bring peace but a sword. He came to save mankind from sin. This pastor you refer to is not judging, He is standing up to what He belives to be the truth, the bible is clear when it says that homosexuality is wrong and a sin, just as glutony, lying and lust.
Yes science has proven that in SOME cases homosexual desires may indeed be genetic but so is any other thought or physical characteristic that is not proper. Some people have desires to have sex with children, some with dogs. Don't tell me there is not something that is not genetically wrong with their thinking. People are born without certain body parts, some have both sets of sex organs. Men with breasts, or woman with a penis etc. Then we have hairlips, holes in hearts and even intestines on the outside of the body. Whatever the genetic problem is, it doesn't mean they should stay that way Get counciling, therapy, surgery etc. It is so obvious that even a child knows that certain body parts are intended to be used for certain activity and certain body cavities were designed for certain activity. Can I take my pen and make a hole in a can of soda? Sure I can, will it do the job? sure it will, however the pen was designed to write and to use it in any manner other then what it was created for is not right. Even if it makes me feel good. Simple really.


Surprising you didn't see fit to identify yourself, so I'm not going to bother to respond. If you're interested in a long discussion of this post, go to www.blogcritics.com where I posted this--there must be a couple of dozen responses from all sides.


Rats, it's blogcritics.org.


Hello, Mark. I've replied at my blog to your condescending shot across my bow....

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