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January 12, 2006


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Poldark Maximus

Interesting commnet that the Clintons are not to be confused with every-day, wash-and-wear liberals. Both of them are just so damn good at the political game that you really don't know who they are -- its all issue by issue politics. Hillary will throw a lot of lib dems for a loop with her hard-nosed war banter. Equally, she will continue to irritate those moderate Republicans who, in a moment of weakness, suggest they "could vote for her" under duress (i.e. their party chooses some neo-con who can't cope with the 21st century). If you can put hand on heart and swear you understand her, please advise Poldark Maximus and the rest of your readers WHO SHE REALLY IS.


Excellent post. Much to think about and much to discuss. Thanks for writing.

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