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June 08, 2006


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Gaylan King

I live in the Middle East; your story is not factual in several areas. You should know better!


If you're checking, please explain where I'm not being factual.

Poldark Maximus

It remains clear that foreign intrigue, specifically Iranian support for Hamas with both money and hard weapons, remains the single largest impediment to delivering the Palestinian fractions to the table. There can be no imepetus to negeotiated concessions such as those recently achieved in Iraq with the newly formed government, if Hamas feels free to throw their toys out of the crib and go undergorund again.

Curiously, the Russians may seek to achieve gain at the worst possible moment by promising aid to Hamas while the big bad American and Europeans cut them off. This is severely disappointing and ads credibility to the Iranian position. Shame on the Russians.

Nothing would benefit the effort to bring Hamas to heel than bringing the Russians and Chinese into the tent to help isolate Hamas and the Iranians --- the rest of Arab world is incapable of dealing with either of them. Iran is clearly the 800lb gorilla in the Mideast and will call the shots going forward. And they are implacable to the core. PM



You're right about the foreign intrigue and the danger of Russia and China, but there's also the fundamental internal hatred between Fatah and Hamas--and neither side has the leaders to bridge that gap.

The presents the opening for Iran, et al. to work their mischief.

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