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December 24, 2006


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who r u? i agree with so much of wht is in this!

Mark Schannon

What a question--should be easy to answer, but I can't. "Was" big shot PR/crisis manager; half-retired now but have been laid low for 4-5 months with this crazy sleep disorder that has me sleeping 12-16 hours a day.

Before my brain went to rust, I'd guess that I'd become a seeker. Don't believe in God, don't have kids...but have always had strong sense of ethics and morals.

Good internet friend is John Spivey. You should buy his book, "West...something" but he's on Amazon. He takes a very eclectic approach but with a Zen orientation. I'm not sure what approach I take. We argued over that wonderful Dylan Thomas poem, do not go silent into this goodnight, fight, fight against the rising of the light. (Shit, I hope I got that right...I'll tell you fried brains may be tasty but they're of no use to a somewhat sentient creature.

John takes an open approach--I like that, it helps, but I also love to fight (not physical), challenge, dare people. So we go back and forth.

I write fiction, yet to be published, but I seem to be better at satire and humor in my fiction. When I get my brain back, I want to write more of this 3 steps thing.

Another internet friend, commenting on a post of mine on being a liberal said I sound more like someone driven by social justice...that hit home nicely. I just haven't had the ability to dig into it.

On some level, it's a way of evaluating your life (in a world without God.) When I'm dying, how will I look back & what will I see? Did I make the world a more just place in even a small way--knowing that no one will know.

If you only have one house and know it will be the only house you ever own, why do some people trash it, and others treat it with reverence.

Whew. So, that's who I am. Who are you?

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